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IX SLA International Scientific Conference

SERBIAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION, 11 000 Belgrade, Skerliceva 1, www.bds.rs; email: sekretar@bds.rs.

Ninth International Scientific Conference will be organized by the Serbian Library Association with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia. We invite you to participate in this scientific meeting.

Conference will be held in Novi Sad, 4 - 5. November 2010 in Medical School ''7. April '', St. Vojvode Knicanina 1.

For further professional improvement of librarianship, approaching international norms and standards of quality has a special significance and is a prerequisite for the integration of our culture and science in the global integration flows and for the realization of international projects in the field of librarianship.

The Conference will be followed by the publication of summary proceedings of this year’s and the proceedings of last year's Conference (held on 14th December 2009, the Librarians’ Day), while the papers of the 2010 Conference will be published in the proceedings in 2011.

The topic of the scientific meeting is:


Thematic guidance:

  • Standards for public libraries
  • Standards for other types of libraries
  • Service quality in different types of libraries
  • Standards as an incentive for the quality of library services
  • Library standards and users’ instruction
  • Standards in libraries in Serbia in the European perspective
  • Development dimensions of library standards

The colleagues who are interested in participating should send their abstracts and key words in Serbian and English in electronic format (Times New Roman) on sekretar@bds.rs ; or crvesna@sezampro.rs no later than 1st September 2010.

Abstracts should not be longer than 1500 characters, key words from 3-8.
Abstracts in English and Serbian should be in one file, while short biographical notes of the participants should be provided in both languages in a separate file.
Applications will be reviewed.

Registration fee:

  • Registration fee for participation in the Conference : 3000.00 din.
  • For members of Serbian Library Association: 2.000,00 din.
  • The authors of presentations are free of the registration fee!
  • Payment of registration fee by 20 October 2010 on the bank account of SLA:

    250 – 1070186945091 – 91
    EFG Euro – bank, Belgrad

    We are looking forward to meeting at the Conference!

    The Conference Organizing Committee:
    PH. D. Zeljko Vuckovic, president
    Jasmina Ninkov
    Vesna Crnogorac
    M.A. Milica Kircanski
    Vesna Petrovic

    19.07.2010. 07:29

    Digital Libraries Futures

    On Tuesday 25 August IFLA’s Professional Committee, together with the Italian Government organized a one day conference on Digital Libraries Futures, user perspectives and institutional strategies. This conference was sponsored by the Italian Athena project and was held in the University of Milan, during the 75 IFLA World Library and Information Congress. Unfortunately, this conference was "only by invitation" so many interested colleagues weren't able to participate. The criteria was that each IFLA group send two members to this conference. For all others, on the following day the IFLA Professional Committee was addressing the same theme by presenting a summary of the previous day. "At the end of the day, the IFLA Professional Committee formulated a vision statement that will be leading for the implementation of the Digital Libraries theme within the IFLA organisation in the coming few years. This vision statement is formulated as follows:
    - To employ the fullest potential of digital technology in partnership with users by enabling seamless and open access to all types of information without limits to format or geography, and to enhance the ability of libraries, archives and museums to collaborate among themselves and with others to offer the broadest and most complete service possible.
    - This statement includes the main conclusions: a) technology is not enough, b) we need cooperation with users, c) we need international cooperation with cultural institutions and partnership with others (publishers, et al.)".


    "As of now, the IFLA Professional Committee will continue to develop the theme of digital libraries – in all different aspects - within IFLA and within all the international IFLA partnerships."

    We would like to conclude these wonderful events considering digital preservation with the news that in the near future the IFLA website will have a special page on the topic of digital libraries, to connect all ongoing and new activities in this broad area within IFLA. We think that it was about time to put more stress on digital libraries and digital preservation (there is no section devoted solely to these fields, for instance), because everybody at IFLA 2009 could witnessed that digitization was one of the dominant topics at the Congress.

    You can see more on this, with presentations and summaries from the mentioned conference, at http://www.ifla.org/en/news/digital-library-futures-conference-and-the-future-of-digital-libraries-within-ifla.

    18.09.2009. 14:06

    IFLA 2009 and Digital Preservation

    The IFLA World Library and Information Congress in Milan was officially closed on Thursday, August 27 2009. Leaving president of IFLA, Claudia Lux of Germany, together with Italian Library Association President Mauro Guerrini and new IFLA president for the period 2009-2011 Ellen Tise from the South Africa, put stress on successful conference, despite economical troubles pressuring the whole world and libraries also. Almost 4.000 registered delegates and more than 500 people working directly at the Congress is real success, it must be said. On the other side, there was obvious small number of exhibitors (comparing with this year ALA conference in Chicago, everything from the exhibitions look smaller and less attractive). More experienced IFLA delegates told us, who was at the IFLA for the first time, that IFLA Congress has been obviously hit by the crisis. But, nevertheless, IFLA for myself was great experience and what I like the most is actually the chance to hear a lot of excellent presentations and meet colleagues, which is the basic of every successful conference.

    Talking about excellent presentations, I must say that digital preservation was one of the dominant topics at IFLA 2009. And I tried to follow just the sessions with some relation to digital preservation or digitization. The first event actually was a day long workshop on preservation of audio-visual materials, held in RAI Milano, which I mentioned here. On August 25 the sections of Geography and Map Libraries, Science and Technology Libraries and Division of Special Libraries held together a session titled Cultural heritage preserved: the role of digital maps, which was so informative and inspiring, but also useful for practical part of work, because it provides a lot of information about digitizing maps and cartographic material. You can find those papers here, session number 121. There was also a Genealogy and Local History section's session on August 26, titled Opening up our cultural heritage through digitization and collaboration. Colleagues from the USA, Denmark, Canada and Serbia (myself) were concentrating on various approaches of preserving cultural heritage and history through digital preservation or by using Web 2.0 technologies. Compared with some other sessions I attended, like the session on e-learning Lifelong e-learning and libraries, held on August 27, the audience was very interested to ask questions about the presented projects, with a lot of questions addressing technical aspects, to my surprise.

    At the end I must thanks to all colleagues who encouraged me to overcome difficulties of attending the two most important LIS conferences, IFLA and ALA, in the same very troubled year. I've succeeded! And for IFLA part, my huge THANKS go to the addresses of all institutions who helped me to travel to Milan: Istituto centrale per il catalogo unico from Rome, Public library "Vladislav Petković Dis" from Čačak, Serbia, Association of Serbian Libraries and The city of Čačak. Thank you very much and I appreciate your help!

    04.09.2009. 10:11

    IFLA 2009 AV Workshop

    IFLA Audiovisual and Multimedia Section (AVMS) in co-operation with the Co-ordinating Council of Audiovisual Archive Association (CCAAA) organized Moving Image and Sound Archiving Workshop, at RAI Milan, August 24, 2009.

    The workshop was for professional librarians in organizations where preservation of, and provision of access to, audiovisual materials is not the main preoccupation, but who need to understand and apply basic principles in limited circumstances. It was not therefore aimed primarily at members of AVMS, but at international IFLA delegates whose parent institution have not thought fit to join AVMS, plus professional librarians who would not normally attend IFLA Congress, but who might be attracted to attend this one day event.

    The objective of the workshop was that participants can recognize the most frequent types of audiovisual materials, have a basic knowledge of care and handling of these carriers, know what they can do themselves and what has to be done by specialists and what are the basic problems of preservation and giving access. The participant at the workshop had an opportunity to listen interesting presentations and talks from Howard Besser (New York University), Laurent Boch (RAI) and Pio Pellizzari (Fonoteca, Switzerland).

    24.08.2009. 20:53

    Blogging about the IFLA 2009

    It is my great pleasure to announce that colleagues from the IFLA have created a dedicated web page on their web site, The IFLA Community in Milan, for all bloggers, twitters or flickers planning to publish online material about or during the IFLA 2009 Congress in Milan. All they need is an email (send it to webmaster@ifla.org) with the relevant Internet address of your blog, Twitter account or anything else connected with above mentioned. Once there is more than a few items the webmaster will properly link to this photo/video/blog overview from several places on IFLA website. For those who will "tweet" about the IFLA 2009 Congress, in Milan: add the tag #ifla2009 to each of your Milan posts. That way all Milan Tweets, from all people around the world, will end up in one search.

    Finally, I would like to announce that my paper "Developing Services for Local History Research Through a Digitization Project: A Public Library Case Study" will be presented at the session organized by Genealogy and Local History section of the IFLA, on Thursday, 27 August 2009, from 10:45 a.m. to 12:45 p.m (room name and number will be announced in printed programme and/or in the pocket programme). I'm looking forward to your comments!

    13.08.2009. 08:48

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